Marine Energy

Marine Energy

Orkney is at the leading edge of developments in marine renewables technology, with the islands' European Marine Energy Centre a global centre of excellence for research in the field. We are proud to be playing a key role in this important new industry.

We've assisted every one of the developers testing devices at EMEC's wave and tidal sites in Orkney and have therefore gained a thorough understanding of the industry's specific requirements. The services we've delivered range from crane hire and steel fabrication, to on-shore civil engineering work and the creation of ballast anchors.

All marine developers require a degree of on-shore support. Our extensive track record in marine renewables, commitment to the task at hand and reputation for professionalism, has made us the natural choice for companies seeking tailor-made and cost effective solutions in what is a highly challenging and exciting new sector.

Wave Power Projects

We continue to operate as the main contractor on a variety of wave energy projects, with our expertise in engineering, fabrication, construction and maintenance highly valued by developers testing at EMEC's Billia Croo site.

Well used to working in difficult environments and overcoming logistical challenges, our skilled project managers and construction staff ensure operations are carried out safely, on time and to the highest possible standards.

Whether delivering one-off projects, such as the creation of sea anchor blocks, or taking full responsibility for all on-shore works, we enjoy an excellent working relationship with many wave energy developers, including Aquamarine Power, Pelamis, Seatricity, and Wello Oy.

Tidal Power Projects

Our multi-disciplinary engineering and project management capabilities are ideally suited to tackling the unique challenges faced by tidal energy developers testing at EMEC's Fall of Warness site.

We've been involved with tidal energy development in Orkney for a number of years now, providing vital support services on major infrastructure projects - everything from steel fabrication and civil engineering, to craneage and haulage.

We recognise the importance of tidal and wave energy, both in economic and environmental terms, and are committed to helping the marine renewables sector achieve its goals.

Our many tidal energy clients include Open Hydro, Atlantis, Voith, Hammerfest Strøm and Flumill.

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