The provision of support services is a Heddle Construction speciality, with our input seen as vital by many key local industries in Orkney.

Heavy haulage, plant hire, storage and recovery are just some of the many services we offer, with our Kirkwall base well situated for access to all of Orkney's ports and harbours. Our track record in providing backup to the construction, renewable energy and oil and gas industries, is second to none. As such, we have become the go-to contractor for developers seeking tailor-made, reliable and cost effective support solutions.

Heavy Haulage and Abnormal Loads

We've amassed significant experience in every aspect of road haulage over the past 40 years and specialise in the transportation of wide and heavy loads for all industries.

We offer a comprehensive service for the movement of heavy and abnormal loads throughout Orkney, using our heavy tractor units and extendable, hydraulically steered trailers. We also operate our own escort vehicle to accompany loads, if required.

Working closely with local agencies, we ensure all the arrangements are in place for a safe and successful operation. We can transport pretty much anything, from large boats and heavy plant, to marine and wind renewables devices.

With a long standing reputation for reliability and customer focused, high quality service, our haulage clients can be assured they're in safe, professional hands, no matter how big the load.

Conditions of Carriage
FTA Conditions of Carriage

Warehouse and Storage

We offer both standard and customised storage packages for clients, with short and long-term services available at our Kirkwall base.

Our facilities are located close to the newly extended Hatston pier, with excellent connections to and from the Scottish mainland.

We provide indoor and outdoor facilities, with ample external space for the secure storage of large-scale renewables devices and oil industry equipment. We also offer a variety of welfare cabins and storage containers for hire.

We have forklifts on hand to move customers' items and can manually handle off using power jacks, skates, stands and timber. Craneage can also be hired, if required by the customer.

Conditions of Storage
FTA Conditions of Storage

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